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Vehicles Contacting Utility Poles: No Imminent Danger

Car and Downed Power LineIn a situation when a vehicle has contacted a utility pole and there is no imminent danger, do the following:

  • Keep yourself and others away from the vehicle. If a power line is touching the vehicle or the ground near it, anyone who touches the vehicle while on the ground could get shocked.
  • Instruct the driver to drive away from the power line if this can be done safely. Have them drive at least 100 feet away from a line before exiting the vehicle.
  • If the vehicle cannot be safely moved and there is no imminent danger, instruct vehicle occupants to stay put until utility crews give the all clear. Occupants will be safest from electric shock inside the vehicle.
  • Do not allow occupants to leave the vehicle until the utility representative confirms that the line has been de-energized.