Substation Fires

If a substation or transformer is burning, immediately contact PPL Electric Utilities and wait for their personnel to arrive. Do NOT enter the substation. While you wait, take a defensive approach, and follow these steps:

  • Let the fire burn unless or until otherwise instructed by utility personnel. Burning electric equipment is already ruined and will not be repaired. Do not risk injury to protect it as it will be replaced anyway.
  • Isolate the area with a radius of at least 500 feet. Keep anyone unauthorized away from the area.
  • Be alert to explosion and toxic-smoke hazards. Stay upwind and consider initial downwind evacuation for at least 1,000 feet.
  • Stay at least 100 feet away from objects that may be energized. Use a 30-degree fog spray at 100 psi to protect exposures and prevent fire from spreading.
  • Monitor for oil runoff. Direct any oil away from catch basins and surface waters.