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Safety Kit Includes:

15 Booklets

The First Responder Beware®  booklet features bold photos and clear text to help teach firefighters, EMS personnel, police, and other emergency professionals safety near utility lines. Information includes vehicle rescues, substation fires, and what to do if equipment contacts a utility line.

1 First Responder  USB

The USB contains the First Responders & Electrical Hazards video. It covers everything first responders must know to respond effectively in emergencies that involve electricity. It includes substation emergencies, downed wires, fire apparatus and overhead wires, car/pole accidents, pole fires and structure fires. The USB also contains a slide show with presenter’s notes and an instructor’s guide—everything you need to run an effective safety session.

Order FREE Safety Materials

The 2023 program is now closed. Please check back in 2024 for the new program.